First Dental Visit

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We went to PDCP (Pediatric Dentistry Center Philippines) last Saturday for Jared’s first dental check-up. When we arrived at the building, one staff immediately led us to the play room. Here, the kids can play or watch a kiddie video while waiting for their turn.

His pedia dentist is Dra. Fina Gupit-Lopez. She's good and pretty too. First, we did the knee-to-knee position. Jared was placed on my lap with his head on the dentist’s knees and his legs around my waist. She then counted Jared's teeth and checked if there are cavities or other oral health problems. At this time, Jared was crying out loud and was exerting all his effort to escape.

Next was the fluoride varnish application. Fluoride Varnish is a sticky yellowish protective coating that is painted over the teeth to prevent dental caries in children and adults. The dentist then applied a thin layer to all the teeth’s surfaces. She also told us not to give Jared any food or drink for 2 hours so that the varnish will not be washed out.

After that, they gave one free toy to Jared. He can choose from the box but since he was not in the mood, I just picked one and gave it to him. Then the dentist discussed about proper oral hygiene and other related things. She also said that Jared has healthy teeth and that she's very happy about it. We will go back after 6 months for another fluoride varnish application.


scrapgurl said...

My first dental visit was when I was 9 years old. Haha!

Jenny said...

Good for you! I think my first visit was when I had my first toothache LOL!

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