Weekend's happiness

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

... date with H on a Friday. Well, not exactly a date since we had to attend a seminar in Makati but still it was a nice day :)

... Wasn't able to run for 2 weeks already so we made sure we get registered for RotaRun race on Sept. 20 even if it took us time and a lot of effort just to get registered for that race. So excited for this one..

... watching H and Jared sleep with headsets pa! And when I checked what music made him sleep... Pokerface! haha!

... meeting our long lost relatives from my mom's side

... buttered garlic shrimps enjoyed by H and my family (family I came from) which was cooked by ahemm.. :)

... first ferris wheel ride (kiddie) with Jared

... Jollibee date with H & Jared. And when the little one found out I didn't order chickenjoy, he immediately asked me "Asan yung chicken mommy? Yung sinasawsaw sa gravy?" haha! now I know that chickenjoy is really his favorite.


scrapgurl14 said...

Good for you, the weekend was the best... unlike mine, so bummed out by the f***ing rain...

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