GMA run

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We joined the race organized by GMA last Sunday. They allowed the online registration and payment can be done on the actual race day. And since we are still going to pay for the registration fee we decided to come earlier that day. We arrived few minutes before the assembly time but took us a long time finding a parking slot. When we got at the venue, the program has already started and runners were already at the starting point.

We headed straight to the registration area to check for our names and luckily I got my kit right away but my friends' kits were not there. They said they cannot find it. We suspected that someone had already claimed it because of the so disorganized distribution of those kits. But because of my persistent friend Cel, she has convinced the nice girl from the registration to just give us the blank or no-name kits so we can all join and she did!

Paolo Bediones and Suzi Entrata-Abrera were there to host the program. 5k and 10 runners were off at the same time which resulted to a very crowded route that you couldn't even run. Thanks to that, hubby decided to just run with me all throughout the course :)

I wasn't able to check our time when we finished. I knew we were really slow because all our friends were already there when we reached the finish line. But it's ok and I really enjoyed it. There were lots of free food like nuggets, lugaw king, zagu and a finisher shirt too. And of course, we had a post-run breakfast at Mcdo :)

Next run will be on Saturday at the same venue, the mommy milkshake run. We're planning to bring Jared with us and this will be his first race. I really hope we could come. See you there! :)


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