Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After almost 3 weeks of not joining races, we finally got to run again last Sunday. It was the Rotarun held at Mckinley Hill which was organized by the

Arrived a little earlier but we were already greeted by a long line of cars entering the parking lot. Went there with hubby, Cel and Ivan (who all ran for 5k) and just met up with Sandra and the gang (who all ran for 10k) at the site. We thought it was still early so we just walked slowly on our way to the assembly area. Little did we know that 10k runners will already start and 5k runners will be off after a few minutes. So we were not yet at the assembly area when the gun fired off for the 5k runners and so we had to run to go to the area. Anyway, we were not the last of the pack so it was ok.

Since I've been running really slow compared to my other races before, I decided to bring a watch with me so I can check my time while running. I don't have a sports watch so I just borrowed my sons watch :) Just so there will be something to remind me with the time. I've been really wanting to have that Nike Sportsband but sorry to myself, "no budget talaga.." :(

During the race, I was fairly fast running the 1st 3k but when I reached the uphill part I got so tired I really had to walk. From that moment, I've been alternating walking and jogging. I couldn't even run straight for a minute! So there I reached the finishline at about 41 mins (unofficial).


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