New haircut and salon

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We really liked Cuts for tots, the salon where Jared had his previous haircuts, but we saw a new salon, the Cute Barber, at SM Fairview so we decided to give it a try. This salon had car chairs and TV sets too for each customer. It was like the Cuts for tots so I was confident that we will get same results too. Since it's a kiddie salon, I was expecting a razor for cutting the hair but they used a pointed pair of scissors which was not really safe for kids. I am not so sure if the cutter is trained to cut kids' hair since he kept on asking my son to look down so he can cut his hair on his nape. I think he didn't realize that he's just talking to a 2-yr-old. Good thing, hubby assisted him and Jared behaved well while having the haircut.

before the haircut

Another thing, he did not understand well what kind of haircut we wanted for Jared. And for a fee of 220 pesos, it was so not worth it. Okay, enough of this ranting, I just said to myself "It's okay, hair grows" :)

the after pic


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