A new chapter for my little boy

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I can't believe it, my baby who was just so small then and whom I used to carry in my arms, kiss his little fingers and toes, has grown bigger and is about to enter a new chapter in his life. He will soon be in grade school in just a few months. How time really flies! And he'll also be transferring to a different school as we have (hubby and I) previously planned. Actually, we've planned this since he started schooling. I was just so happy that everything went as planned. He passed the entrance exam with good grades. His grades in Math and Filipino are a bit low. I don't know why he's so bored when it comes to those subjects. Maybe we should enroll him in a tutorial center for him to improve in those subjects.

Since this year will be his last in his current school, I wanted to share to all of you some photos from his graduation. A presentation from his class

On the stage, receiving his diploma and medal

Proud parents :)

Haircut time

Sunday, March 24, 2013

For the first time, my son, Jared was well behaved when he had his haircut yesterday at Cuts4Tots. I think he'll be graduating soon from that salon for tots and will be having his haircut soon on a real barber shop. Weee!

Jared's advanced birthday celebration

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My son was born on the month of May. A vacation month. That's why he has never experienced celebrating his birthday with his classmates. And I can see his enthusiasm every time someone celebrates a birthday in school. I know he really likes it. So his dad and I decided to let him experience by celebrating it in advance. And so it happened..

I chose the last day of their examination so they can have more time for the mini party and will have nothing to worry of since exams are over. Being pregnant makes you lazy in almost all things so I opted for food delivery. I ordered food from Jollibee, Jared's fave fastfood chain.

But since I want it to have a personal touch I made cake pops as giveaways and also as desserts. Good thing my sister, Arlene, helped me with it.

I also prepared lootbags for his classmates to ensure everyone will go home happy. I just use a brown paper bag for it since I don't have the energy to shop for fancy bags anymore as I am getting heavier and heavier and that tires me easily.

Here are some photos from the party. Jared received a lot of gifts and birthday cards from his classmates and he was so so happy about it. He said he really enjoyed his birthday. :)

We have an announcement!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hi blogger friends! It's been a long time. I've been crazy busy and lazy to do blogging the past weeks and months but I hope to return to regular blogging like what I did before. OK, I know I've said this a number of times... but because I have good news, I will make a quick post.

The good news is.. We are pregnant! Yeah! Husband and I are so happy to share the good news and of course my little boy is excited and is so ready to be a big brother. So here am I showing off the baby bump :)

We just had an ultrasound last Saturday but the sonologist said that the gender cannot be determined yet as it was too small for now. I don't know if he was just lazy to check because he did it so fast as in fast! I was already on my 21st week and he cannot tell the gender yet. Oh well, will try again next month.

My son's first baby tooth fell off

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is my first time to blog using my phone so please bear with the format and all.. Trying to get back to blogging though

Today is the day! My son lost his first baby tooth. I just noticed it after he finished taking a bath on his own. He was having so much fun that he didn't realize he lost his tooth. We tried to look for the tooth but no luck. Maybe the tooth fairy got it in advance haha! His dentist even gave him a case for that but it has no use anymore.

Anyway, we'll be using it for his 2nd tooth. He's really a big kiddo now. Oh time flies really fast!

We love Bantayan Island!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Summer has started in our family. It was a week ago when we visited the beautiful Bantayan Island in the province of Cebu. We thought it was so beautiful that we were all willing to travel long hours to see the place. Our flight was scheduled in the afternoon and we arrived in Cebu around dinner time.

First we had a sumptuous buffet dinner at Casino Espanol with my mom's high school classmate and of course the whole gang.

We were the last ones who left the place.. see? :)
Woke up early the following day all ready for the road trip to Bantayan armed with lotsa chips, breads and drinks.

start of our roadtrip
Thanks to our driver we had a safe 3-hour trip and reached Hagnaya port just in time for the 1230pm ferry schedule.

In the ferry
After one hour, we reached our destination and went directly to the resort. It was so serene and quiet in this place. You will feel you are one with nature..

I'm feeling sleepy as I type so I have to cut this post for the meantime. Have a good night! :)

to be continued..

Just the three of us

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We're celebrating Christmas this year with just the three of us.. Me with husband and the little one. We usually spend it in Batangas with my husband's family and relatives but at this time the husband's work schedule was different and he had to work during the holidays.

It's pretty tiring because I did and will do all the cooking for Christmas dinner and Christmas eve. That's what I get for having two boys..

On the other hand, Jared wrote a letter for Santa but.. my bad.. I haven't gotten a gift to fill in his Christmas sock. I need to think now of a reason why Santa's gift will be a bit delayed.. hmm...

It's two hours before Christmas eve so I will just leave you with this.. Merry Christmas! :)

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