A new chapter for my little boy

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I can't believe it, my baby who was just so small then and whom I used to carry in my arms, kiss his little fingers and toes, has grown bigger and is about to enter a new chapter in his life. He will soon be in grade school in just a few months. How time really flies! And he'll also be transferring to a different school as we have (hubby and I) previously planned. Actually, we've planned this since he started schooling. I was just so happy that everything went as planned. He passed the entrance exam with good grades. His grades in Math and Filipino are a bit low. I don't know why he's so bored when it comes to those subjects. Maybe we should enroll him in a tutorial center for him to improve in those subjects.

Since this year will be his last in his current school, I wanted to share to all of you some photos from his graduation. A presentation from his class

On the stage, receiving his diploma and medal

Proud parents :)


nectar said...

congrats jared! :) sana makalabas ulit tayo para kita ulit kayo ni lily. miss you guys! :)

Jenny said...

oo nga nec! let's plan.. pag nanganak na ko naku matagal-tagal pa ko makakaalis.. tsk

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