Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My days have been a bit different than when we still have a yaya to help us with some chores and look after my little one while I am working. When Jared wakes up, I have to feed him milk and then after a little while he'll have his breakfast, bathe him, read a book and then let him play then I can have my time for work. Good thing I'm not working in a regular office that I can still work while looking after my son.

I am really enjoying it as I can personally take care of my little one. However, there are times that it gets a bit overwhelming. There are just times that I needed a break. So I really admire all the moms who have a handful of kids and they just seem to take it so easy.

Now I'm guilty of using the TV so that I can have free time. But I'm working on this, trying to lessen his tv time and suggest other activities like playtime together, art projects and reading.

He doesn't have much playmates in the neighborhood so he still doesn't know how to really socialize with kids. So we're planning to send him to school this coming school year. Unfortunately, schools won't accept him for nursery because he'll be only three this June and the required age should be 3.5 yrs. Finally, we decided to just enroll him in a toddler school wherein he can still learn and also gain friends.

Now that we still don't have a yaya and have some issues on getting a new one, I try to cherish and enjoy every moment. It was really fulfilling though sometimes overwhelming.. But it sure was all worth it.

Not sure if I'm still making sense here.. anyway, back to regular programming :)


Lynnette said...

i understand you Jenny! It's the same for me, though I'm not yet working as of now, I always have tons of work to do in the house (laundry, dishes, ironing, cleaning, cooking etc.) Zach and I are always together. He goes to the daycare 2 or 3 times a week for 2-3 hours. During those time, I have my driving lessons or just simply doing household work. Minsan talaga nakakapagod syang i-entertain... like when I was cooking today for his birthday, gusto nya mag-laro kaming dalawa! Ako din, guilty sa TV! I'm glad he'll be going to school na in september, I can finally be free to find a job :)

Jenny said...

pareho nga tyo hehe! wow good luck on your job huunting ha! :)

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