Being active again

Monday, March 29, 2010

Went out to play badminton yesterday with the whole gang - SILs, MIL, hubs, and the newest member of the badminton team, Jared. It was a nice afternoon, not too sunny and a little windy. While we're on our way to the badminton court, Jared fell asleep in the car since he didn't take a nap that afternoon. So he was sleeping for almost an hour while we were all busy playing. Good thing we brought a stroller just in case he falls asleep, in that case, he did. He woke up while we're in our second set and he cheerfully cheered for us. :)

It was my first time to play with my 2 SILs and with our little one and MIL as the audience. After 2 sets of games, we went to the playground and let Jared play. We were all so hungry (no, starving) after and decided to head to the mall and have dinner.


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