29 months

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jared is now 29 months old. I'm not sure if I'll continue these monthly updates for him. Blame it on my laziness, forgetfulness and I think there aren't many new things to update every month. So I'll just do a brief one here..

Weight - 14.7 kilos
Height - 96 cm

... His naptime has shorten these days from 3 hours to just an hour and a half
... He loves yoghurt so much! flavored ones..
... Loves eating ripe mangoes - his fave fruit
... He can now read the numbers 11-20 but he reads 15 as "five-teen" and 20 as "two-teen" hehe!
... Can walk down the stairs still holding on to the side railings with both hands
... When someone asks his name, he always says his full name


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