The Little Champion

Friday, February 18, 2011

My little one was chosen as one of the contestants for the Poem Reading Contest during their school foundation week. It was an on the spot reading contest to test their reading skills (of course!) They will be given one short poem to read. Certainly, the little one's mom and dad were there to support him on his first ever contest.

I was not expecting anything, I just want him to enjoy the experience. And he did! He thought he was just playing and not in a contest haha! He was moving all the time while he was reading so we were not able to hear what he read. But even though he did not win he was still our little champion. :)

with the proud parents :D


Sandra Yu said...

stage mommy! taray! ang laki na ni Jared!

Jenny said...

semi-stage mom pa lang yan haha! binata-looking na noh? :)

Lynnette said...

wow!!! he can read already!!! Galing naman ni jared! :)

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