Thursday, October 23, 2008

Had a nice buffet dinner last Tuesday night at Crustasia with Cel & Sands. There are a number of dishes to choose from and I think I have tried almost everything in the buffet table (sinulit!). For appetizer, I had salad with mango dressing, siomai, and nachos. For the main course, I had roasted beef, fish fillet, chicken curry, lohan vegetables, pad thai and of course our favorite crabs in schezuan sauce. For dessert, I had mandarin orange panacotta. It was really yummy and I had 3! With the buffet priced at 399, and also with free entrance ticket (good for 5) at Laugh line, I can say that this food trip is truly worth it!

This is my 3rd plate already! haha!

Yummy dessert!


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