Beep beep'm beep beep, yeah!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yesterday, we went to Ninong Ferdie's house in Laguna and I drove for the whole trip.. yeah! I conquered South Luzon expressway! haha! Now, my driver's license does its real job not just being a valid ID.

OK, a little background, I learned to drive during high school days. My first instructor was my dad, and since he doesn't have much time to teach me, he enrolled me in a driving school. After that I began to drive in highways. But on my first out-of-town driving (Manila to Nueva Ecija), when I was about to park the car, I bumped it into a tree (how dumb!) I bumped the quiet and helpless tree. I did not notice that there is some part of it that was protruding. The car got a pretty big damage on its bumper. Since then my parents did not let me drive for some time.

But now, I'm back! And I've been practicing real hard, driving at every opportunity I get (driving my mom’s car). And I can say that I have improved a lot! Hubby agrees too! Pwede na daw ako pakawalan! Now I have to renew my driver's license since it still has my maiden name (talk about the hassles of getting married!).


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