Halloween and a party

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spent the long weekend at the province with my family, the family I came from and my Tita. Left home on Saturday at around 9 in the morning.. thank heavens the strong winds have stopped (due to storm Santi) at that time so were able to travel safely.

(this tarp greeted us when we arrived, it was from our relatives.. sweet!)

My mom together with my aunts prepared a small party for my sis (the one which I've blogged about last time) which was held at the province so we can all celebrate together. My aunts prepared yummy dishes like caldereta & the veggie dish. They're really good in cooking. Kuya amang, my uncle, cooked the lechon which won the star of the night award as seen on the pic below. :)

We ended the night after playing with different halloween costumes. Jared wore a vampire bat costume and the pirate hat. The pirate hat was for hubby but the little one insisted on wearing it.. so there.. :)


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