Kids Earth Hour

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We went to Trinoma to attend the Kids Earth Hour 2010, an event which promotes both kids' being physically active and environmentally aware. It aims to promote fitness among kids without using any electronic things mainly by playing outdoors. You know kids these days, they spent most of their time on video games and computers which is not so healthy for them. I wish all kids would get to experience and learn the joy of playing outdoors.

Arrived at around five in the afternoon, just in time for registration. It was held at the 3rd level of Trinoma, wherein the venue was transformed into a giant playground. The kids enjoyed playing hopball, spider web, the giant trampoline, rocky mountain climbing, slide, earth walk and the velcroman.

Jared trying out the rocky mountain and slide

the spider web and the pool of balls

the nice lady teaching Jared how to play the hop ball

There was also a shadow play but we were not able to watch it since we had dinner at that time. Anyway, we went back immediately and when the lights were switched off, they distributed glow sticks for kids. Thanks to the major sponsor, Sustagen, who made this event really fun and enjoyable for kids as well as the parents too.

Again, let's all encourage our kids to unplug and play outdoors :)


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